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Croozin for a Broozin

Xander's Crib

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I'm Xander Crews baby! I'm a billionaire and I currently own a company so if you're a hot chick and you want to come work for me, just give me a call. Or if you just want to give me a call, go ahead.

*More To Come*

Please note the following:

  • This is a RP journal for omg_adultswim community.

  • I am not Xander Crews, Xander doesn't exist.

  • I don't always agree with the things Xander says or does. ;)

  • I am not Xander's voice actor, nor am I affiliated with 70/30, Adult Swim, Williams Street, Cartoon Network, Frisky Dingo, or any other crazy corporation or person you can come up with.

  • This is for entertainment and I hope it entertains all the Frisky Dingo fans out there. I'm not making any profit.

  • The DVD of season 1 is available here

  • The DVD of Season 2 is available here.

  • Season 3 is not happening. Sad boosh.

  • Thanks guys!